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About RobinAge

Founded in April 2008, RobinAge is India’s favourite newspaper for children. It is available as a printed newspaper and a digital edition and has been created for kids aged between 4 and 15 years, to encourage the habit of reading through content that is interactive, informative, positive and engaging.  


Content & Frequency

RobinAge is delivered every fortnight, digitally or by courier/registered post, and includes:

> 20 pages of news and knowledge

> A 4-page Activity Sheet based on the newspaper

> An 8-page Jr RobinAge supplement, filled with activity-based learning in English, maths, science, general knowledge and values


RobinAge as a Learning Resource

> Creates awareness on a range of subjects and stimulates interest in learning

> Helps children develop the habit of reading and improves language skills

> Provides news and information that is relevant to the school curriculum and projects


The Voice of Children

> RobinAge serves as a forum through which children can express their opinions and creativity

> 25% of RobinAge's content is created by children


RobinAge’s Motto

RobinAge encourages its young readers to:

> Care for their surroundings and environment

> Share the joy of reading and learning

> Dare to act upon their dreams and ambitions 


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